Our Solution Starts with Our Beliefs

Glucose is an important health metric to continuously track, as glucose levels serve as a proxy for metabolic health and risk for chronic disease, such as diabetes.

Whether you are a person with diabetes, prediabetes or someone looking to pursue a healthier lifestyle, managing your glucose levels shouldn’t be painful, complicated or conspicuous.

We believe that continuously checking your glucose levels should be as simple as checking a text or measuring your daily steps, and that people should be able to manage their glucose levels with confidence, in ways that best fit their lifestyle.

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How It Works

Our patent-pending system combines non-invasive sensors and smart antennas that can be used in a wearable and communicates with apps and the cloud.


The Sensor

Track health data non-invasively, continuously and in real-time with our custom RF sensors. Combining the sensors with our novel skin antennas and proprietary algorithms allows us to improve upon cost, accuracy, and size.


The Wearable

Embed our miniature, inexpensive ICs into a wearable device to measure glucose data on-the-go.

A rendering of Movano's wearable product currently in development


The App

Get real-time visibility into personal glucose data, including trending lines and time-in-range information.


The Cloud

Store and send data to the user's family, doctors and network of caregivers to optimize predictive alerts and care.