Our Solution Starts with Our Beliefs

Good health is a fundamental human right.

Glucose and blood pressure are important health metrics to continuously track, as they serve as a proxy for metabolic health and risk for chronic disease, such as diabetes and hypertension.

For those committed to a healthy lifestyle, it's important to know how diet, daily activity, and sleep can affect your health, and how these factors play a role in preventing, delaying or alleviating the effects of chronic diseases.

Optimizing your health should be smart, simple and personalized. Wearable technology should come in a variety of form factors to fit your unique lifestyle and provide you with the data that matters most to you, so you can take control of your health journey and improve the quality of your life.

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Our Ecosystem

Our patent-pending system combines non-invasive sensors and smart antennas that can be used in a wearable and communicates with apps and the cloud.


The Sensor

Our custom RF sensors track health data non-invasively, continuously and in real-time. Combining the sensors with our novel skin antennas and proprietary algorithms allows us to improve upon cost, accuracy, and size.


The Wearable

Our inexpensive ICs are small enough to fit into multiple wearable form factors and measure the most relevant health data, including glucose, blood pressure and heart rate.

A rendering of Movano's wearable product currently in development


The App

Provides real-time visibility into vital health data, actionable feedback to jumpstart behavior changes and a motivating community to support your goals.


The Cloud

Stores and sends data to you and has the potential to communicate with family and a network of caregivers to improve health outcomes.