Finally, Needle-free CGM Technology that Fits into a Wearable

Today’s CGMs are invasive, inconvenient and expensive. They require a disposable needle that must be replaced every 10 -14 days. This process is uncomfortable, opens the door to infections and is not always covered by insurance. As a result, less than 1% of persons with diabetes and pre-diabetes worldwide use a CGM.

  • We’re here to change that with a solution that is painless, simple and smart.
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  • No Needles, No Problems

  • We measure glucose non-invasively using leading edge RF systems.

  • Say Goodbye to Disposable Plastic

  • Our RF IC can be embedded into a wearable that doesn't require an overload of disposable plastic by-products.



  • It’s as Easy as Glancing at Your Wrist
  • Users can check real-time glucose data whenever or wherever you are and without interrupting your daily life.
  • Feel Like a Person, Not a Patient
  • Our wearable is invisible as a health management device to everyone except for yourself.


  • Make Data Driven Decisions On-the-Go
  • Our proprietary platform uses AI, machine learning and the cloud to provide vital data that reinforces positive behaviors and reduces doctor visits.
  • We Aren't Standard, We Set the Standard
  • Rather than using off-the-shelf chips, we’ve designed our own highly flexible, multi-frequency RF ICs from the ground up to optimize glucose measurements.