One sensor that simultaneously measures glucose, blood pressure & heart rate

Wearable medical technology today, including continuous glucose monitors and blood pressure monitors, have made it easier for people to manage chronic health conditions, but many of these devices are still widely considered invasive, inconvenient and expensive. There is a large segment of the global population who are experiencing chronic conditions, or at risk of chronic disease, whose needs are not being met.

  • We’re here to change that with a solution that is painless, simple and smart.
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  • No Needles, No Cuffs, No Problems

  • Our wearable will measure glucose, blood pressure and heart rate without a needle or cuff using leading edge RF systems.

  • Say Goodbye to Disposable Plastic

  • Our RF IC can be embedded into a wearable that doesn't require an overload of disposable plastic by-products.



  • It’s as Easy as Glancing at Your Wrist
  • Users will be able to check data in real-time whenever or wherever you are and without interrupting your daily life.
  • Feel Like a Person, Not a Patient
  • Our wearable is invisible as a health management device to everyone except for yourself.


  • Make Data Driven Decisions On-the-Go
  • Our proprietary platform uses AI, machine learning and the cloud to provide vital data that reinforces positive behaviors and reduces doctor visits.
  • We Aren't Standard, We Set the Standard
  • Rather than using off-the-shelf chips, we are designing our own highly flexible, multi-frequency RF ICs from the ground up to optimize glucose, blood pressure and heart rate measurements.